The Costs of Reiki

The Costs of Reiki

Reiki can be discussed in two ways, as a formal healing system, or as formal magic for manifesting goals.
This focus will be on the healing art, Reiki.

Reiki is a formal school, tradition. What many people don’t realize is that it originated with the intention of particular ways to respect it. It takes discipline to earn and hone your craft. There is time, money, effort, and personal life experience put into it. Sometimes people’s lives are almost taken as the price to pay for this type of occult knowledge. Sure, anyone can put their hand on a hurting knew and consider it healing. It goes deeper than that. There are people who treat it like a formal accredited degree, which it does requires certification from certified Reiki Master Teachers as a lineage. This is sacred. Other people do not treat it as sacred and bastardize it by sharing certain things about it without fully understanding the where and how Reiki came to be. For sake of discussion, the focus of this topic is Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki,
re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui. The history of it was that traditional Reiki was $10,000 USD for the attunements to keep it only in the hands of certain people. Today, non-traditional Reiki is lower priced than this. Why would you want to not share it with everyone?

Dr. Mikao realized people who did not put any investment into receiving treatment never cared to change their ways, keeping their diseases and habits prolonging their diseases. It would temporarily be a quick fix, but not a lifestyle change. We, Bear and Rainbow also find that the higher success rate we have directly correlates to the investment and commitment of the client in time, money, readiness of the client, and commitment to his or her deeper self-transformation. Back in the days of people living in villages, there were village healers. Not everyone could afford to go to the doctor so people would bring chickens, food, wood, etc. as payment to the shamans and medicine people for treatment and advice. According to Universal Laws, there is a balance in give and take. Not everything is free. When you choose not to give back to Creator in happy, constructive, voluntary ways, it will be taken from you in unhappy, destructive, involuntary ways. This is the law of circulation, give and take, reciprocation.

When people pay money, it allows the guilt of the client to be subsided or eliminated for receiving free treatments. Guilt can block the effectiveness of the client’s healing and guilt causes sickness. Money allows the client the freedom to come receive a treatment when he or she wants to. Some people say Reiki is free because healing is from God. There are many components to this. When a practitioner gives out too much in an imbalanced way, resentment develops in the practitioner and that blocks effective healing and strains the relationship.

Some people believe in trades or bartering. Others say eventually the service given may far outweigh the trade received and hurt the relationship again.

People who expect things for free are jipping themselves and the people around them by not putting value to things.

Healing crisis, ie, detoxing is uncomfortable, but it is a price for deep healing. After receiving treatment you shift. The physical body is catching up to the energy that was moved, in blockages and or mental programming. This discomfort could cause you to think you’re sick when you’re really not contagious. It’s just your body’s way of mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually shedding its skin before settling into the stable, beautiful skin.

Since Reiki healing or knowledge can be given free, they do not appreciate or value it as much as something they put more hard work and or money into. This is why the success rate for both the clients and the practitioners is lower for people for disrespect, disregard, or devalue people’s time in general, not just for treatments, but for consultations, or any other service or product given or purchased.

Creator/ God is the force behind every living and inanimate object and situation. Everything is created by a thought then put into action to come about into physical reality. Therefore, everything is sacred and from Creator. Do you pay for your shoes? Do you pay to see your dentist? Do you just nilly willy walk in and expect to receive a free massage or haircut? So, then, why do people expect healing to be free?

We charge money and personally have and still do free healings and demonstrations on the fly and depending on situations such as speaking engagements. Yes, giving free samples is a way of getting people to try a new service or product. Yes, giving away free books serves a dual purpose in educating and promoting sales.

There are Reiki masters who operate out of their home and treat it as a hobby instead of their business. We have experienced this from teachers who did not provide full instructional material nor attunements and training because they are not committed to their practice or themselves.

There are Reiki master teachers who treat it with the utmost due respect, which is the philosophy of how we currently feel about it. The people who take it more seriously and do pay for liability insurance, continued education, licensures, various membership fees, property tax, business taxes, the rent, overhead expenses, advertising, office supplies, employee/ contractors, operational costs, events, etc. treat it as their business. Becoming a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals allows you to be recognized as having certain standards and ethics.

“IARP®, the International Association of Reiki Professionals® is the professional association of the global Reiki community, the gold standard of Reiki, working to provide independent Reiki Practitioners and Teachers with outstanding benefits, resources, and tools to grow, enhance and expand your practice.
Recognition as a Registered IARP® Professional Member shows that you have attained the highest standards of professionalism and service within Reiki.”(IARP)

Reiki is becoming more recognized and accepted in health insurances as a viable option for treatments over the decades.

Do you want to become a Reiki practitioner?

This excerpt is from Christopher Penczak.

“Other people use the word Reiki to refer to a formal system of healing, originally called the Usui System of Natural Healing by its modern founder, Dr. Mikao Usui. This system has a fairly modern history, and practitioners of it have a lineage where they can trace their teachers back to Usui. The system uses specific symbols, hand positions, philosophies, and techniques, and is said to have a great many personal benefits and “safeguards” built into it. Although there are many variations and additions to it, Reiki as a system is a tradition. Without learning the tradition from a qualified teacher, you do not receive the same benefits and safeguards.

The tradition of Reiki is passed on not only through oral or written material to be learned by the student, but most importantly through something called an attunement. Initiation is another word for attunement. The Reiki Master, or Reiki teacher, creates an energetic connection to the student, through intention and symbol, to pass on the ability to effortlessly and safely tap into the universal life force. Side effects of the attunement can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual cleansing and purging, awakening of intuitive or psychic abilities, and a greater awareness of spirituality and the call to higher service. This creates a spiritual family or lineage of teachers and students who are all connected and can ultimately be traced back to the modern founder of Reiki, Dr. Usui. If the teacher is not attuned already, then the connection cannot be passed on to the student. In very traditional Reiki, the sacredness of the symbols is maintained by keeping them secret from the unattuned, and the ritual of attunement is kept secret, even from lower initiates. I remember asking my Reiki Masters, after my first attunement, what exactly had happened. How did they “attune” me? They would not tell me. They didn’t mention symbols or anything else. It was only thanks to my more open and modern Reiki Two teacher that I understood the mechanism of attunement.

In many magickal traditions, a key component to the experience is an awakening through initiation. Through this initiation, the teacher awakens the students to the energy the teacher holds from his or her own attunement in the tradition. Initiates report an awakening of their third eye to psychic vision and increased spiritual awareness, or a strengthening of their magickal abilities to both manifest and receive information. Many feel a stronger connection to the divine, often through a particular patron goddess or god.

Through the initiation, the student is connected to the spiritual “family” of the tradition, a magickal lineage that can be traced back to the modern founders. In the tradition of Wicca called Gardnerian Wicca, initiates can trace their lineage back to Gerald Gardner. Not only do practitioners of magickal traditions often keep their lineage a secret to the uninitiated, but the rites, symbols, and rituals of the order are also shrouded in mystery.
Initiation, awakening, spiritual lineage, symbols, energy, and secrecy are all common points in the history of magick and Reiki, “ (Christopher Penczak).

The Reiki illumined guides are in your grace when you keep knowledge of the symbols and certain knowledge passed down to you from your teacher. Lacking reverence and secrecy for this system, you fall out of grace with the Reiki guides and protectors. Attunement and training from teacher to student is when the symbols, initiation, and knowledge are meant to be shared. It is not for the public, or non-practitioners without formal attunements.

This is a controversial topic. It is posted in books and on the internet. It can cause confusion in people who do not have formal training in it. It was meant to be exclusive, not for the eyes of everyone. Originally in traditional Reiki, the students were not allowed to write this knowledge down on paper, only orally passed down and memorized is how it was transferred. This was done so that the strength of the power of Reiki would remain due to the respect for the symbols, and the artform through secrecy of only sharing it with those committed to following the principles as much as possible as was intended when Dr. Usui received it.

Yes, the power of it has been diluted for many reasons, one of them being it is being shared openly to public who have no understanding, respect, or investment in being a student or master or teacher in it.

One’s personal relationship with the formal Reiki healing system depends on how you treat it. If someone else bastardizes the system, it should not affect your relationship and power with Reiki. It is one’s personal responsibility to nurture and care for the sacredness and personal relationship with Reiki as a student, practitioner, master, and or teacher. So, on multi-dimensional levels, there are many costs and responsibilities in understanding and caring for Reiki as both a receiver and a practitioner of Reiki healing.

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(Article revised as of July 14, 2018.)

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