What Are The Benefits of Reiki Circle?

Could Reiki circle be for you?

What is a Reiki circle?

It is a hands or non-hands on energy healing gathering.

Other names for it can be: Reiki share, Reiki healing circle, Reiki circle.

Reiki circle is not an individual performing Reiki alone.  It’s usually 3 people or more giving and or receiving healing together, simultaneously.

Who is it for?

This can be for people who want to receive physical, spiritual, mental, emotional healing on all levels.  It is for people who want to receive healing to achieve and or maintain optimal wellness and vitality.  It is for people who want to receive healing to heal diseases, acute, chronic, and everything in between.  It’s even for people who want to learn how to handle life, situations, themselves, and relationships better.

It is for people who just want to destress and feel more peace, joy, love and connection to themselves, to divinity, to others by giving and or receiving Reiki.

It is for people who want to give back by performing energy healing to others, whether it be for fun, for business, or just the love of it!  It is for people who want to practice their craft of Reiki and get better at manipulating the energies.  It is for people who want to share their success stories and or transformation in healing, empowerment, and lifestyle because of Reiki.  It can be for anyone who wishes to give and receive Reiki.    

What are the benefits of Reiki circle?

Benefits of participating in Reiki circle include friendship, connection, support, empowerment, healing, learning, growing from one another, sharing stories, challenges revealed and healed, successes, understandings, epiphanies, networking, mobilizing leaders and community for the upward evolution, normalization, of natural energy healing in society, community, worldwide, globally, intergalatically, interdimensionally.  Do you need more reasons?

What are consequences of not participating in Reiki circle?

One may not learn about  how energy and the body works to heal itself.  One may not learn about concepts such as detoxification, healing crisis, and pre-session jitters or pre-session self-sabotage.  There are people who don’t know these concepts and have fear and blame around these circumstances due to lack of understanding.

What could be cons of partaking in a Reiki circle?

Some people may not like each other.

Some people may be energy vampires.

Some people may be judgmental.

Some people may not understand technique or philosophy of love/ Reiki.

Some people may have social anxiety.

Some people may be angry, or other unpleasing emotion or state and repel others.

Some people may not know that they need to clear themselves after healing others and could take on heavier energies from others, causing themselves discomfort or even sickness, the opposite of the purpose of participating in a Reiki circle.

All these examples happen anyway, whether people are aware of it or not daily, outside of Reiki circle.

How do I participate in a Reiki circle?

Other people just show up whether it be with a friend, referral, or hearing about it somehow.  Currently, at our in person Reiki circles, we have people RSVP at a certain limited seating so we can all have a more pleasurable experience, rather than taking hours if there’s such a large number of people waiting in line to jump on the table.  Every Reiki circle facilitator has their own expectations or lack of, and different levels of expertise or awareness.  Seek those who you feel comfortable with, and eventually find those you resonate with.  Good luck and happy Reiki-ing!

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