Why People Are Afraid of Healing Themselves?

The number one reason people hold themselves back or sabotage themselves from healing,  growing, and succeeding  is fear.

People can be afraid to progress and heal themselves for many reasons.  People can fear success.  People can also fear failure.  As silly as it sounds both are valid. It may not seem logical, but both are still valid, regardless.  One may not want to consciously experience failure, but subconsciously he or she set his or her thermostat for failure.  Why?  If one rises, his or her friends and family may reject him or her for outgrowing them, shining, leaving them behind.  Rejection.  People play small to be accepted and loved.  This is limiting and not conducive to one’s optimal health and power.

One may not know what to expect, fear of the unknown.  When one is used to feeling oppressed one’s whole life, the opposite feelings of liberation and empowerment are foreign at first, or for however long the adjustment time is.  Just because a state of consciousness is familiar, it does not make it good for you.  But this is why most people put up with abuse, parasiting, and dead end, low vibration relationships—familiarity.

When one has a dire emergency, like cancer, then and only then does he or she face a turning point, decision making time that is urgent, life or death.  Slithering by in mediocrity is easier than the extremes of living in destruction or optimal capacities.  Mediocrity is easier, but it is more dangerous because this is stagnation that causes indifference.  This is complacency in settling for less.  When one is in more extreme lifestyle of recklessness or responsibility, it is clearly divisive where an individual stands, no wishy washy on the fence shit.  Emergencies are not usually found out living on the fence, in mediocrity.  Middle ground occurences usually sneak on by, undetected, lingering until it’s too late.

People sabotage when they are evolving or rising.  Why?  Many reasons again.  One of the most common reasons is they don’t feel worthy of having so and so conditions, like wellness, success, respect, love, abundance…  Let me repeat that.  Catherine Ponder says they “don’t feel worthy,” that’s why they allow bad conditions for themselves to remain.  How do they sabotage, directly or indirectly?  Many reasons for this one, too, again.  

When I, Rainbow, was in a seminar, I met someone who had to find me again in the crowds to share a story with me.  Before lunch we did not know what to expect as we reconvened with our trainer.  That someone I met found me after lunch.  He said his arm hurt and he didn’t know why.  He had to share this synchronicity with me because our previous conversation was regarding how the body doesn’t lie.  Consciously, he wasn’t aware we were going to break boards with our karate chops after lunch.  Subconsciously, his body already knew because his arm that he used to break the boards hurt an hour before this activity.  After the activity was through, the pain in his arm left.  That was a form of nervousness, tension, or anxiety that the body channeled in physical form as pain in the arm that was to perform the deed.  He was so blown away with the synchronicity of our conversation and how the Universe let him experience that pain coming and leaving at the most significant times!  Call it sabotage, an inner knowing, whatever you want.  The body doesn’t lie.

When we really want something on the otherside of the breakingthrough, it is uncomfortable. The body doesn’t lie.  People usually feel anxiety, discomfort, fear, doubt, worry when they are upleveling themselves.  This can be for a healing session, a class they will receive, a class they will teach, delving into something new, period.  It has to do with expansion.  Just because something is beneficial for you doesn’t mean it’s all comfortable and peaceful.  When you really want something and are invested in obtaining it, whether it be wellness, conquering any problems, reaching new goals, if you don’t want it, you won’t be nervous or bothered.  If it’s something you really desire to achieve, it makes you nervous.  That’s how you know what you really want on the other side of the breakthrough is worth it.  It makes you uncomfortable.  Stepping out of your comfort zone is uncomfortable yet rewarding when you know how to work it and receive it.

When it comes to healing, people have the misconception it’s all puppy dogs and rainbows.  No, if you liken it to the analogy of the snake shedding it’s skin, it’s not pretty at all in the beginning phases.  The end is where the skin looks new, shiney, smooth, and rejuvenated.  

During the beginning and the middle of the healing/ upgrading process it can be ugly and uncomfortable.  So, the discomforts of healing/ growing/ expanding/ upleveling can be both BEFORE and or AFTER a healing session.  This is normal and to be expected.  

After a healing session a “healing crisis” is what you call when the body goes through discomfort like a non-contagious cold/ sickness, release, withdrawal like symptoms when the physical body is catching up to the energy that was moved.  “Healing crisis” can also be expected after attunements, or any uploads/ downloads/ upgrades in one’s multiple bodies, physical, energetic, etc…  It is the body assimiliating to the new homeostasis and the upgrades.    

Before a big transformation people can experience bad things.  What do I mean?  They can sabotage themselves from receiving a promotion or raise.  They can make themselves sick right before teaching a crowd on stage.  They can create misfortunes or accidents so they don’t have to show up to a life changing event, whether it be a wedding, a healing session, a class, you name it!  Yes, people do this to themselves because change is uncomfortable and the illogical ego mind wants to keep the status quo by all means as a means to protect itself.  It is operating from fear.  

How do you deal with this?  

Accept it.  

Acknowledge it.  

Tell the fear and yourself you are going to go ahead anyway and just do your best to succeed.  It doesn’t have to be achieved in one shot.  It can be a gradual process, like a baby learning to walk.

Here’s a break down of the pros and cons of upleveling or healing oneself.  Go ahead and create your own lists to encourage yourself through your expansion, upleveling processes.  Feel free to share your success stories and lessons learned with me.  







New experiences

New territories 

New friends

New philosophies


Challenging oneself







Inner peace

Self understanding

Self discovery 

Self love

Self worth

Self respect 


Fresh ideas





Supportive self beliefs





Losing old familiar habits




Losing old friends

Losing old way of thinking

Losing old lifestyle


Fear of rejection

Fear of the unknown

Self reflection:  facing one’s fears, flaws, shadows, hurts, inner child wounds, pains, weaknesses, traumas, darkness, “negative” emotions such as fear, anger, shame, guilt.

Taking responsibility for what one creates, attracts, puts out, is being, is becoming, who one is, good, bad, ugly, all of it.



Need to be right

Need to limit, label, judge.

Discomfort in self reflection 

Comfort zone can be limiting


Getting comfortable with change, growth, discomfort.

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