What is Reiki?

When I, Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle, was in university, I saw a flyer that intrigued me.  I normally wouldn’t go to strangers’ events, but there was a strong desire to find out what this natural healing energy was.  I was the flightiest, most compromised wavering girl at the time.  Some even called me a great big ball of anxiety.  I had already received different natural healing modalities and therapies without really comprehending what they were doing to me, with me, or for me.  Now, it was time for me to start my journey as a student healer.  “Healer heal thyself,” is a common adage.  There were teachers that didn’t welcome me as their student or their patient because I had already surpassed them even before I began.  They literally declined my apprenticeship because their ego couldn’t take it.  It even went as far as to receive psychic warfare and attacks from them because they were so jealous and threatened.  This is operating out of the lack matrix.  I digress, let’s return to, “What is Reiki?”  It is natural and more prevalent than people realize that the younger generations are oftentimes more powerful, advanced, and evolved than their predecessors.  Yet, we all still need each other.  We all teach each other a lot indirectly, not just in an academic style classroom. Yes, there were other teachers I had that didn’t care about the ego’s insecurity of teaching students that surpass them, too.

A force, elan vitale, universal energy, life force, the breath of life, manna, the force—it has many names to many people.  It can be love, faith, prayer, positive thinking.  It can be used for the opposite, evil, though others say no it cannot.

Have you ever hurt yourself and your mother came up to you and cupped her hands over your body part that hurt?  That is instinctually Reiki performed.  That is our innate tendency to heal things back to balance, unless your into de-volving, like devils, demons, and the such.  Do you notice when one is exasperated one will put their hands on their forehead?  What body language tells you that someone has a stomachache?  They put 1 or 2 hands of theirs on their belly.  This is Reiki without a second thought, in the form of hands on healing.

Reiki can also be exhibited in multi-dimensional ways.  Practitioners, like myself, perform long distance healing on patients.  This is possible because energy transcends time and space, and so does one when one is more disciplined, understanding this concept.  People pray for the betterment and upliftment of others and situations.  This can be and or is similar to Reiki.  It’s all a matter of perspective and various awaked-ness or states of one’s consciousness.  People make Reiki prayer flags that billow in the wind.  The intention is that whatever positive wishes and blessings paired up with the flag, it will be carried by the wind into the ethers to manifest those wishes.  Hopefully it is used to heal, bless, and prosper.  At least that is what I use it for.

I remember watching two East Indian sisters belly dance.  I’m not sure if they were twins, but they were both gorgeous to say the least.  One can see the life force energy in their faces, their auras, their entire beings.  One sister looked more sickly and weaker than the other.  The other was more radiant, stronger, obviously because her chi or elan vitale, life force was stronger.  This is also Reiki one can read in these sisters.

Do you see how there can be many applications of Reiki?  Prayer, hands on healing, faith healing, long distance healing, intentions, reading, they’re all interrelated.


People can feel distraught living with disease, believing they don’t have the power to take their wellness back in to their own hands.  They can go on living in undesirable states such as fear, anxiety, and worry.  Reiki principles guide us on mindsets and lifestyle that are conducive to peace of mind and wellbeing.  It not only elevates your health, but your relationships, how you go through life with ease, grace, joy, appreciation or not.  This is true abundance.  One does not have to be a victim to circumstance.  One can turn illness and problems into harnessing one’s happiness and personal power to maneuver through their life as their own captain masterfully maneuvers the seas.

You are energy.  Everything is energy.  Energy can be manipulated in the desirable and the undesirable.  Reiki can be applied to things, conditions, and relationships.  In a utopian and simplified form, one can say Reiki is love.  If love is the answer to solving every problem, love every problem away til it’s whole, healthy, restored to balance again.  Again, if you are a different entity that thrives on the opposite of love, like evil, fear, etcetera, then this perspective is merely the opposite for you.  Then, there are the beings that are neutral and do not label or judge into the categories of good nor evil.  So, you see, it’s all relative.

So, yes, Reiki is beaming energy from one’s hands onto another person to heal disease, maintain wellness, or even optimize vitality and power.  It transcends time and space.  It is also whatever your imagination can come up with. 

“Healing—It Is All That Is,”  quote of Standing Bear Thunder Heart.

Thank you for reading.  If you think you want to become a Reiki practitioner, healer, student, teacher, master-teacher with me, Rainbow, ask when my next openings are for training certifications.

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