There are entrepreneurs who will feel you are less than because you have a job.

We’ve had someone purposely sabotage and lose our book-keeping documents because she was loyal to helping people with millions of dollars.  When she found out our incomes were poverty level, her jaw dropped.  She even assumed we were using a credit card to pay her and was going to reject it, when I told her, “No, it’s not credit.  We have actual money to pay you.”

This was the worst experience we had with a tax preparer.  It was worse than the free tax preparers where we had to wait in long lines like a herd of cattle.  After the first consultation, she never listened to us nor her employees when we told her that her machine nor her employees were not charging us correctly.  We didn’t have to, but we wanted to be honorable.  Her machine was undercharging us, so she was getting jipped.  I reached out to her 5 times and still, she had lack of communication and miscommunication between us and her employees.  When she said it wouldn’t  charge it did, and vice versa, and they were all the wrong amount her employees charged us on the invoices.  This woman yelled at me and her employees, blaming it on us saying our card was finicky.  Our card worked for all the other merchants successfully.  I found out later other customers experienced the same thing from her.  Her payment systems needed to be updated.  To think, this person won awards 10 years ago in magazines for her successful business!  We thought we were impressed by her reputation, but people change, sometimes for the worst.

Us, just like her other customers, wanted to cut ties with her just as badly as she wanted to get the “poor” customers out of her hair.

Another lady only spoke to us because she wanted to sell something.  It reminds me of the guys that don’t care to get to know you, and will dump you after they have sex with you.  When she found out we were not financially free like her, it’s like we were chopped liver, not worth her time.  How, rude!  It’s not like the posture of our actual mentors we paid for, where we have to put in the work before our teachers will help and answer us more.  She came on too awkwardly strong, too much too fast.  We had to work at our in person jobs so we couldn’t talk with her on social media whenever she wanted.  When she figured out we could not answer her immediately and superfluously the way she wanted because we had to work at our jobs, she didn’t care about our relationship anymore.  

People like us have other responsibilities because we choose not to be freeloading and want to make an honest living.  At the same time, we better ourselves to eventually elevate to better levels of freedom and impact.

My bestly seasoned and most successful mentors are the ones who were not born with silver spoons in their mouths.  They really hustled to earn their stripes and it took decades and years.  To look down on people just because you have a perception of them being not worthy because you think they are poor, or financially inadequate is rubbish.  These people above forgot where they came from.  They forgot what it was like before they became more freed up with their time and or money.  We have compassion for them and are extremely grateful that we learned many lessons. 

Some of the lessons we learned from interacting with this tax preparer are valuable because we don’t want to go through that pain and stress again if we can prevent it.  One of them is to email backup copies to the tax preparer so she doesn’t say it costs $300 more than initially agreed upon because she didn’t realize she lost the first copy we gave her in person.  She could have asked us for a copy but she forgot we already had our bookkeeping done and had given it to her, that’s why she had her employees do it all over again just to charge us more and again she blamed us saying it was our fault.  Secondly, see if we feel comfortable having a dialogue and the person we are paying is actually listening to us and how the communication is between his or her employees.  Do we trust he or she will help us and wants to help us, both capable and willing?

This other lady is less of a blow.  I used to get things over with and just interact because I felt I had to, like a robot, out of obligation and guilt, not a very empowered state of mind to operate from.  I apologize to you if I ever made you feel that way.  I was not in a good space probably, feeling bitter and angry at myself, and the world at those moments.  We all can and do change.  Now, I realize, I love what I do, who I speak with, and I actually care for whomever I am giving my attention to.  It’s a new way of being, and it is energetically felt by the recipient even if they are only subconsciously aware of it.  Instead of “I have to do this,” attitude as a chore, I energize myself with, “Yes!  I get to make a heart-felt interaction.  I get to make a difference and actually care for things and people and myself, my business, and make an impact in the and world!”  I used to be miserable most of the time and that actually broadcasts into the ethers.  This is a repellant energy.  Once my perception and state of being changed to loving people, loving life, loving every single simple thing, dynamic, relationship, I was more aware of who operated from this and who did not.  But it had to start with loving myself first.  One energy is more attractive, while the other is more repellant.  Yes, humans, including ourselves vacillate from feeling more positive to having a bad attitude, but as long as we pick ourselves up quickly, it can still be healthy to feel bad temporarily, especially when we always grow from it.

Do you feel worthless or unworthy of experiencing and having anything good?  Do you feel guilty buying yourself nice clothes, or splurging on that more costly meal?  Do you feel guilty and not enjoy yourself, beating yourself up the entire time you take yourself out for a day of golf or a spa day?

When you believe you are less than, what you energetically broadcasts tells the world how to treat you as less than.  When you believe you deserve love, respect, appreciation, then you also train the world to treat you this way.  Does it matter what others think?  No!  It matters what you think and feel.  This is how you manifest desirable conditions, such as peace, happiness, and love.  You are not your story.  You are not your past.  You are not your hurts and traumas.  States of victimhood complain, blame, and justify everything outside of themselves as the cause.  Victors take full personal responsibility for everything they create and experience.  They transmute “negatives” into their proverbial gold.  You are an eternal divine soul child of God, Creator, Universe.  You can be the creator of your own reality once you realize that.  You can have what you want.  More importantly, you can BE  who you want, unadulterated, guilt free, shame free, pure, divine, love, and God source, worthy of all that is good.

Are you treating yourself like you’re worthless?  Why?  What thought forms are embedded in your habitual programming that you tell and treat yourself as worthless?  Maybe it’s time to liberate yourself from yourself and allow yourself to fall in love with you and life.

I, Rainbow, offer readings and strategy sessions for those who want to know what’s standing in their way and how to live a more empowered, enjoyable life.

I may guide you on the things you can’t see for yourself, but ultimately, the work of transforming yourself into the person you want to feel and become is all up to you.

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