Why Energy Tests or Muscle Tests are Wrong?

What is an energy test or a muscle test?

This test can help you determine if certain goods are going to be beneficial for you at the time, or certain partners, or choices, etcetera.  You can ask questions to see if the answers will agree with you, your constitution, your body, at that moment.

Are you familiar with physical therapy and kinesiology?  I’m not referring to your energy or utiility bill.  What I’m referring to is how the human body can provide answers via energy testing, more specifically, muscle testing.  The human body’s energy field, magnetic field, nervous system, subconscious system can work with you to find answers.

There are examples of energy testing / muscle testing, like using one’s fingers, arms, or legs to receive yes or no answers.  You can view one of our videos, “How to Do Muscle Testing,”

Here:  https://youtu.be/5_vSmNcrOgU.

Here are some analogies.  As children at school who want to cheat and obtain answers for a test, they must snag the answers for the matching test.  If they are using the answer key for a totally different test, that would tip off the teacher to suspicious or cheating activities.  If you’re playing a game, such as Bingo, but you’re using the answers for Jeopardy, that wouldn’t make sense either.  If you’re driving your car and it’s misaligned, you will get misaligned driving results and experience.  If you are asking your smartphone for answers while your smartphone is off, that will do no good.  These are examples to wrap your head around why and how muscle testing works and when it doesn’t work.  

It only takes one person who is not calibrated accurately to create inaccurate energy test results.

If the person giving the test is not calibrated correctly you may get inaccurate energy testing results.  If the person receiving the test is not calibrated correctly you may again get inaccurate energy testing results.  If both the people giving and receiving the test are not calibrated correctly, you will most likely get wrong indicators/ results/ answers.  The people may influence each other with their biases.  This is why it’s good not to have eye contact between the people giving and receiving the test.  I prefer not to verbally announce the question so as not to receive influence from either the tester or the testee.

You  may be asking the questions in a way that is not helpful, or a way that is helpful.

This can also apply to pendulum dowsing.

How do you counteract this?  For starters, you can watch the video above.

There are ways to correct this and test it.

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