Symptoms of Being Drained by a Psychic Vampire

Symptoms of Being Drained by a Psychic Vampire

By Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle

What does it feel like to be drained by a psychic vampire?

Have you ever felt drained from your core battery or energy center?

What is a psychic vampire?

Someone who’s aura drains other people, things, and the environment either subconsciously or consciously.  This can be seen and proven through science one example, Kirlian photography.

Other names for psychic vampire are bleeders, emotional vampire and energy vampire.

Examples are narcissists, drama queens and just basically who create and attract misfortunes everywhere all the time as their thermostat on the norm.

The opposite of a psychic vampire is a more self-sufficient person who is more of a contributor than a needy person or a weaker link.

Some of you have actually told us, “Oh my God. Stop labeling and judging!”  If you really knew how we perceive the world and operate, you’d know we’re beyond labels.  Semantics are merely for your educational purposes.  If you can’t get over that, this is out of alignment for you.  Stop ingesting our materials.  Next!  Keep it moving.

For those of you who want to learn how to empower yourselves, taking personal responsbility, transforming yourselves out of victimhood to victorhood, read on.

How would this affect you?

When you are drained it feels miserable.  You’re not necessarily contagiously sick with a virus.  But you’re feeling sickness or discomfort.  If you’ve never been drained before, or you’re not yet aware of the symptoms of being drained by a psychic vampire, let’s dive deeper.

You can feel smothered, annoyed, irritated, cranky or angry at the person because you know either consciously or subconsciously this person or these people drained you.  You may feel zapped, sniped, or like someone literally sucked the life out of you.  You may feel empty, weak, naurseous, scared, controlled, exhausted, and or queasy. You may feel slimed.  You may feel like the rug has been pulled out under you.  You may feel junk food cravings.  When you’re in a low energy state, like sick or stressed, you desire junk food.  You may have a hard time keeping your eyelids open.  You can feel betrayed, backstabbed, violated, bullied, you name it. You may feel energetic congestion, cloudiness, heaviness, or darkness.  Sometimes your aura may have actual punctures, rips or tears.  You may feel, see, or sense, or know that your battery has been depleted.  Your 6th senses may be showing and telling you messages about this in different ways, such as visions, hearing, smelling, tasting, and or knowing.

Some people may have had other people do this to them or not.  What do I mean?  Others are capable of psychically draining or causing more imbalance to someone both consciously or unconsciously, but there are times when it is brought upon oneself.  What do I mean again?  An open inner child wound is seeking your healing and has nothing to do with what you perceive someone else did to you.  Please read this paragraph again.  So many people tell us how they accuse others of hurting them, saying someone is psychically attacking them when it is not true.  Sometimes it’s malevolent spirits doing the deed.  Sometimes it’s other humans.  Sometimes it’s both spirits and humans in collaboration whether both parties know it or not!  Sometimes, it’s all perceived and manifested because of an inner child wound, aka, shadows, asking for you to integrate and heal it, plain and simple.

Is this fixable?

Yes!  We are both living proof.

People say, recharge yourself.  What if that doesn’t work?!  What if you keep attracting the same pattern?!

Go deeper.


The psychology of vampirism is in everyone.  This is why we’re all on planet earth evolving into hopefully mastery so we don’t need to suck other people as a means to an end.

People’s auras can and do change.  People’s programmings can and do change.  The number one factor of this is, when one allows their personal transformation to happen.  This is homework, personal development.  This is not in the hands or power of an outside person.  This is a misconception people have.  We are facilitators and educators so people empower themselves.  

We don’t give fish.  We teach people how to fish.  So, if you come to us for help and you don’t want to do the internal work, then we are not for you.  People who succeed in psychically protecting themselves, controlling their psychic abilities, and empower themselves with us are the ones who take full personal responsibility for their own inner work/ alchemy/ transformation/ development.

We would like to offer trainings in smaller sizes of length of time.  What specific things do you wish to know to empower yourself?  Let us know so we can better tailor the content and the delivery for you.

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