Do You have that metal taste in your mouth, and how do you go about clearing it out of you?


Bear was advised by a professor who was a British soldier, a Zen Buddhist monk, a business man, a teacher, and a Wall Street investor, to be careful in how he healed people. The professor warned Bear that he may pick up other people’s energies when you healed them, of course that is a given. What the professor warned Bear in specific is that with some patients who are so full of negative energies in their being that Bear may pick up a metal taste in his mouth, and the professor suggest to Bear that if that happens, that Bear must stop the session and postpone it, because the metal taste in your mouth is a poisonous, and the person with the metal taste is his / her mouth will be very ill, even worse. Now Bear in this video will tell the other healers out there the same thing, except he has ways in countering and clearing the metal taste in someone’s mouth, and also what to look for in other healers when they too experience the metal taste in their mouths.

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