Gold in Northern New Mexico: Enserado/ Encerado

Who enjoys the smell of Pine? Crisp, sweet, clean. One day I had Pine sap stuck to my jeans. It was so deliciously aromatic but tough to remove from my hair and clothes. Yep, I was hiking around in nature and didn’t realize the good medicine I magnetized unintentionally in my hair and jeans! The bark, needles, sap, all have their medicinal uses.

How can Pinon pine pitch help you?

Erase age spots on your face. Heal infections on pets and animals. Put in your mouth for cold sores. Do you have skin problems such as dry skin, acne, insect bites, burns, rashes, lip balm psoriasis? It relieves inflammation and can be used for massage.

Do you want those natural magical things in a bottle? How about herbs in oral and or topical form?

In northern New Mexico, Pinyon Pine / Pinon with the enye, squiggly line above the first n, is the medicine in Enserado/ Encerado salve. It looks like a gift from the honey bees. That’s because it has bees wax which is what encerado means, wax, or polished/ coated. Encerado salve’s ingredients are Pinyon pitch, osha/ ocha, olive, oil.

Jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil are interchangeable. You can make this as a salve or an oil minus the bees wax.

Here’s a recipe, one of the versions:

Make it, or buy it from locals who sell the in town. Talk to Northern New Mexican locals and you’ll know where you can get one.

Here’s one family who has longevity in their family business endeavors, including providing Enserado oil and salve.
(505) 753-4698
Espanola, New Mexico

Tell them Bear and Rainbow sent you.
“Healing–It Is All That Is”
Bear & Rainbow

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