Keep the therapist away: Meditation

Have you ever experienced a melt-down? Hopefully not in public! Have you ever experienced a long-term emotional break down or period of prolonged stress, anxiety, depression, mental and emotional instability? Today’s society is re-membering how to be whole, holistic in life to be well again.

People have been trained to give their power away.

To who? Everyone, including those who do not have their best interest. Big pharma, financial institutions, substances, false sense of pride, other humans & non-humans, shadow selves, etc. Let’s save this for another day.

Prozac, Zoloft, psychotropic anti-depressants or anti-anxiety pills may be called quick fixes, but what do they focus on, the symptoms of the root causes of the problem?

Let’s focus on choices conducive to optimal wellness, versus letting things go wry and trying to cure diseases or problems when it’s later and more challenging.

Keep the therapist away with daily meditation.

Why do I meditate?

Do I enjoy it? Is it easy for me to start or get myself to do it? Hell, no!!!

So, why would I waste my time doing something boring, or unpleasant? Oh, the mind wanders, your racing thoughts ask, can I really afford to do this when I should be picking up the kids, cleaning the house, calling prospects, putting in an extra hour at the office? This is so silly! I am nervous. My mind is all over the place! Oh, wait, was that a glimpse of settling into peace?!
Wait! Don’t disappear, I am chasing that feeling! Wait, I must relax to get it back, ugh… How uncomfortable, tedious. Why am I complaining? I am suppose to clear my mind and empty the thoughts, right? Breeeeeeathe…. Sigh, let it out. Oh, I am so hard on myself. You know, that compliment my boss gave me, I should really appreciate and celebrate that. Smile. Ooo, I am relaxing. Let go of the worries as I exhale… Breathe in peace, trust. Exhale stress and pain.

What are the benefits you can reap by a daily practice of meditation?

Besides realizing you need to scratch your nose or the deafening, uncomfortable silence? People uncomfortable with silence are uncomfortable with getting deeper and getting to listen to themselves, hence the necessity for background noise.

You can get in touch with your deep, true self, your divine. You are God and God is you. You drink deep of that universal peace and feel a sigh of relief when you’ve had a good sit. That’s what you call it, a meditation session, a sit.

When you feel tense, like you’re hanging by a thread, after your sit, you feel a release, like an orgasmic release! Okay, not always that intense, it feels like you just let go and got a chance to get a deep rest like a rock that got energized by sitting on Mother Earth. It is a big, long term sigh of relief emotionally, energetically, on all levels!

You re-set into more peace and control so you don’t snap at the next person who slightly gets on your nerves. You nourish your cells with a more mindful breath, rejuvenating, boosting your immune system, softening the harshness of the stressful wrinkles in your face.

You will sleep better, faster, more easily, more deeply, less hours or more hours depending on what you need. Your sleep will be more peaceful and less interrupted.

You will be more attractive and people will be more willing to work with you cooperatively. You’ll attract favorable situations to yourself. This practice of mindfulness will allow you to enjoy yourself more, even during sex!!! Enjoy the moments of your life because your way of being will be more mindful, appreciative, on point. You will enjoy things you never noticed before, like the sun warming your skin, the breeze kissing your skin. You will see, notice, and experiences nuances of joy you never payed a perspective to before you will less in your head and allow yourself to be in your body. You will be more in control, not easily swayed by negativity from yourself, others, or situations.

You will be hardier and less likely to resort to less helpful behaviors such as addictions to heroine, ganja, alcohol, smoking, sex, comfort eating, coffee, shopping, sex, sabotage, bullying, or any addiction you use to make yourself feel better. Spend less money and time on medical expenses that drugs and zombify you. The anti-anxiety & anti-depression pills big pharma push on you, those are the gangsters. Meditation clears anxiety and any and all heavier emotions.

It’s a time of self-evaluation. You get to listen to yourself. You get to talk to God. Studies prove that when doing things in a group, such as prayer, healing, and or meditation, it’s effectiveness is increased more than if an individual were doing it solo. Blah, blah, blah. Are you still reading?

Just frickin’ do it, you deserve it! If you don’t believe that, meditate on it. Ha!

Come enjoy a sit with us once or twice a month in person. We’ll most likely do this live online in the future.

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“Healing–It Is All That Is”
Bear & Rainbow

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