How do Spiritual Emergencies Affect Me?

Spiritual Emergencies with Reiki Masters Bear & Rainbow Part 1



Have you tried to talk to someone but he or she is not himself or herself?  You might think, “Is this depression or some mental or emotional illness? Is she or he drowning in stress?  Is he or she even mentally present, or is she or he an empty shell?”

Someone may not be available to you because he or she could be going through this, and who knows how long it will last!  It finishes when it finishes, on mother nature’s terms, divine time and order.

Can anyone go through a spiritual emergency, or spiritual emerging?  Does it just have to be a newbie to the psychic or supernatural realm?  Can masters in the realm of consciousness and metaphysics who have decades under their belt also go through these?  Is it like chickenpox where once you’ve gone through it, you’re immune from experiencing another one again?  

Anyone can go through it, as it is usually spontaneous and nondiscriminating.  Yes, it usually happens multiple times in one’s lifetime.


What are spiritual emergencies?   

They can be uncomfortable, overhwhelming, and making you feel alone,  or like a weirdo. You wonder, “Is anyone else experiencing this and know what I’m going through without me sounding crazy?”


What are the symptoms?

You may start to see (invisible) things that you can see that no one else can see.  You may hear voices other people don’t hear, and experience ringing in your ears. You may feel these are new problems.  You will start to discriminate who you tell these experiences to. You may start losing friends (due to you growing in ways they may not understand).  You are actually developing your psychic abilities. You may be receiving (spiritual/ energetic) attacks by other people who have more developed (psychic) abilities than you, or other spirits or extraterrestrials attacking you because you’re developing or growing.  They do it because you are on the rise, and it’s also your education, testing you out, your playing grounds.  


That sounds so negative and scary!

Let’s shine light on the positives.

Spiritual emergencies are learning, growing opportunities of expansion, developing  your power, your energy, your intuition and trust when you meditate, sleep, or are in the dream realm, journeying in the astral realm, or just operating in your day to day life when you’re awake.  Use it to your advantage. Tap into whatever you are activating, whether it be clairaudience or psychic hearing, clairvoyance or psychic seeing, clairsentience psychic feeling, psychic tasting, or psychic smelling.  Most people don’t sense these things. Your senses will be heightened so you will, like how dogs smell drugs, or ducks hear a duck whistle but humans don’t. 

It’s not just all that deep, dark, heavy stuff.  You can use these gifts to your advantage.

We’re in a world of duality so we need to know both positive and negative.


Educate yourself on how you develop your psychic abilities.

Slow down your spiritual emergency or stop it, so you can feel more centered and powerful.  You accomplish this by accepting who you truly are or who you’re becoming, almost like how Neo from the Matrix accepted he is “the one.”  He is the chosen one. In reality, we all are the one. Keanu Reeves said this on the Jimmy Fallon show.

Accept who you are, what you are, who you are becoming.  That will be the best bet to develop yourself in a centered and empowered way.  Develop and educate yourself easier when you accept who you are.


What are other things to expect? 

Your energy, your aura, your hands, they can be zapping other people or other electronics.  This is a result of not being grounded. It indicates you are having your powers out of control.  

You may experience possible overwhelm by reading people’s thoughts or emotions.  You may not want to or try to, but it may be blasting you like there is no window or screen filter if you don’t learn how to block them out.  

If you’re interested in learning more on how to tap into, control, and develop your psychic powers or healing abilities from one of both of us, we offer Reiki certifications, attunements, trainings.  Contact

Spiritual Emergencies with Reiki Master Rainbow Part 2

What are the causes & triggers?  Why do spiritual emergencies even happen?

They differ on situations, and from person to person.  

For example, it could be induced by near death experiences, or by accidents.  

Bumping the head or a concussion, could stem out of a desire for an individual on a conscious or subconscious level to want to grow, to spiritually develop oneself, grow psychic abilities to step into his or her life calling, purpose, path, something they are destined to grow into.  

You may even get sick without even being contagious or having a virus.  You’re releasing when you experience extreme common cold sysmptoms in a short time, then feel great after.  Healing crisis is common after healing sessions. Shifts, this is you shifting, detoxing for improvement. 

An analogy is child development.   Let’s say age 2-3 the child has 6 building blocks.  Let’s call these 6 blocks: a, b, c, d, e, f. All the abcdef blocks are all demolished, or bull-dozed.  

Emotional turmoil, physical, emotional all levels, including psychological are affected.  Next, let’s say the child age 4 to 6 would need 20 building blocks to get to the next stage. 

This is an analogy to a child’s learning development.  Get rid of that, the 6 building blocks of abcdef, before laying down the new stone foundation of 20 building blocks. This needs to happen as a prerequisite to enter the next learning or growth level.  

Detoxing, healing crisis, spiritual emergency, can be ugly, painful, uncomfortable, like the dark night of the soul.

(Here is a great article on the definition of the dark night of the soul. )

After you go through this tunnel or episode of discomforts due to the things I mentioned above, you will feel great on all levels.  It’s you bursting out of your cocoon, emerging out. This emergency, is an emerging. You are emerging from shedding your ego, your old ways of viewing the world.  It is a shamanic or figurative death and rebirth.

One of my spiritual emergings was me waking up to another side.

I was emerging from being a sheltered, naive, little girl.  There was a reality of people harming other people. I had to know this.  I had to know how to win amidst these situations. I was emerging from oblivion, to awareness, to wielding my personal power that I never knew existed.

Frodo, the main character from Lord of the Rings, I felt like him.  This acquaintance who is into the dark arts on all levels, from drugs, to  money, to sex, to magic, wanted to kill me. She attempted to twice, as far as I consciously know.  I was scared shitless because I was green at the time. Figure out how to stay in the light, be strong, stay in peace, keep your composure.  Attacks from her self-formed syndicate attacked my loved ones, following, intimidating, threatening, instilling fear, on the phone, in person, following in cars.  I counteracted them by putting myself in safe places and times, and situations. I used the strategy of safety in numbers, faith, love, and light.  

How do you deal with someone that is going through a spiritual emergency?

If you don’t understand what they’re going through it’s easy to be unsupportive or lack compassion.  Listen to them. Maybe they are really seeing things, or seeing other living things from other dimensions.  Some people may say they’re crazy or have schizophrenia. Healing crisis, spiritual emergency, psychic powers developing, these can be signs a person is being initiated.  They need to learn how to deal with their abilities getting out of control and manage it. Listen to them. Help them find the right support.  

How to cope if you are going through a spiritual emergency yourself?

Meditation, exercises, sports, physical movements can help calm you down. Cultivating your energy, learning how to hone, grow, cultivate energy through tai chi, yoga, qigong, and martial arts can help.  

Heal yourself with energy healing modalities.  

Find someone you are comfortable with that can give you advice.  Some people cannot give you advice because they don’t understand,  others understand but won’t give you advice out of insecurity of feeling threatened that others will surpass them.  There are people who do want to help and are secure enough to help you out.  

This shedding of your current reality will feel better after you are done going through it, the light at the end of the tunnel.  You shed a certain installment of old internal programming that no longer serves you, just to expand the new rebuilding or downloads that will solidify in you.  You will feel like you have a foundation to walk on again. You will feel like you’re able to function with your mind, body, and spirit again. Each time you go through a spiritual emerging or awakening, it’s the rainbow after the storm!

If you have more questions, regarding this topic.  Do ask at  It would be beneficial for us to know what’s on you mind so we may create more trainings if it’s a high enough number of the same thing that is being asked of us more popularly.

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