Who are the best angels, deities, helpers to use?

What is your goal?

Are you trying to have a baby?  Are you trying to get rid of diabetes, or heal another disease?  Are you trying to get a promotion or a certain job? Are you ready to find your divinely-selected spouse and get married? 

Whatever your goal is in using magic or the help of outside forces to achieve them, who are the right helpers for you?

What if you don’t believe in angels, or God, or you believe in too many gods or spirit helpers?  What if you believe in the evil spirits and the good spirits?  

Which one is the most powerful?

Which ones are the ones that I should use?  Does my bloodline, my race, or ethnicity mattter?

Should I use the ones that I am familiar with just because that is who and what I know, even though it does not match my bloodline or my heritage?  What if my soul resonates with Asian religion or spirituality but my physical body is black? What if I am Asian but my soul resonates with African deities?  What if I am white, but I resonate with extraterrestrial energies?

We have many aspects of ourselves due to this life, and other lives.  What you use to assist you in achieving your goals and prayers doesn’t matter to someone else.  

Some people may say the spirits, the animal spirits, the orishas, the Hindu gods, the angels, the demons, or God/ Goddess do not exisit.

Does this matter in your manifesting your goals?

What matters for you in successfully manifesting your goals?

Some people all of these beings or consciousness are not real, do not exist.  They are merely a creation of your mind.

Whether you believe in them or not, whether other people believe in them or not does not matter as much as this.

You are tapping into the energies, learning how to utilize them and alchemize them into yourself.  You are learning how to orchestrate things in your life. What are you talking about, Rainbow? Ok, so let’s take an example of the Medicine Cards in Native American tradition of the animal totems.  In this particular deck, the moose animal represents self-esteem. Do you need this animal to tap into your self-esteem? No! Does it help? It can if you let it. It’s like training wheels. You can hone self-esteem within yourself in many ways!  You can take public speaking, you can apply makeup, you can get a better car, or get earn higher grades in school, or get a trophy wife. What methods you take to raise your self-esteem will differ from other people. Those strategies I named can sound promising, or sound detrimental to achieving self-esteem.  What really makes a difference is tapping into the energy, not the vehicle or mode. Getting something superficial outside yourself like a trophy wife, or a sexy body, or a sports car, or a title of a doctor does not guarantee your raise your self-esteem. Tapping into the energy itself, living it, breathing it, merging with it, being it, owning it, knowing you deserve it is what will get you to vibrate at high self-esteem.

Does it matter if I use Santerian orishas, or Native American animal totems, or Archangels from Christian mysticism, Hindu gods, the Asian deities, my ancestors, the Greek Goddesses, or the Catholic saints?  

Does it even matter if I believe in them, or if I don’t believe they exist?

It doesn’t matter what I believe, or what others believe.  It doesn’t matter what I tell you.

Manifest your goals, prayers, dreams, desires successfully.  Then, determine how you achieved those goals. Was it internal change, work, or allowing within yourself?  Was it external change, work, or allowing you created in your physical reality?

Why do people use these deities and spirits to help them then?

Aphrodite can help you tap into the energies of beauty and pleasure.

Moose can help you tap into self-esteem.

Archangel Raphael can help you tap into healing.

Lakshmi can help you tap into wealth.

Do you need them?  Can you tap into these things without them?

What are your thoughts?

I see them as archetypes.  

Whether I believe they are real and exist or not doesn’t matter.  

I do believe you are your own divine entity, your own divine creator.  You are already the masterpiece laying underneath the wood that is continuously being wittled and refined to uncover the true masterpiece that you already are.  All these things, all these energies you wish to hone within yourself are already within you. It’s just for you to remember, rediscover, tap into and within yourself as you step into self-mastery.  All the things you seek and desire are already within you.

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