Lasting Impact

“In a world of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

The norm is corruptness, injustice, the unspoken norm of slithering by and don’t ask, don’t tell.

When one person stands up and wants to make improvements for the highest good of all, it’s called controversial.  Everyone is too chicken shit these days to make a stand for justice.

Fear of losing their job, fear of losing their friends/ family, fear of losing face, fear of being wrong, fear of rejection.

When dysfunctional things don’t work, that is opportunity for improvement.  The chinese character for crisis is the same character for opportunity.

I was new at a job, only a couple weeks fresh into it.  I called someone out only because she tattled on me, wrongly accusing me.   I called out why nepotism was played out, and I was unjustly targeted. Why was there favoritism if you were going to target me?  Why are you trying to play by the rules if the justice system doesn’t pertain to you and your friends? The boss left, declaring she had other obligations.  We all knew better, her boss fired her. Her boss got wind of all the tom foolery and favorites games she was playing and it finally caught up to her.  

Well, I honestly forgot about this story, until someone, almost 10 years down the line got inspired to lead his own rebellion.  Almost 10 years later, someone making changes got wind of this story and it inspired his own second wind to take a chance and have his petitions for change heard.  He was speaking on the behalf of him and his work colleagues. To his surprise, though hesitant at first, his superior was actually impressed and siding with the improvements he wanted to enact for the staff.  If he didn’t hear my story, he probably would’ve not had the extra push to have the audacity to initiate this meeting. Mind you, I forgot I did this, and it was 10 years ago! You never know how subtlety or powerfully you can impact someone’s life, and how long the lasting effects can still take affect, long after you’ve even forgotten about it!

Just do it.

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