What Story Are You Telling?

What story are you telling that is self-sabotaging?

What ways are you making it that you always find it possible for all your excuses to justify everything you fail to do?

What’s your excuse?

Are you always getting ready to get ready?

Are you never having enough money to do what you say you wanna do?

Are you always saying, “When I have______, then I can __________.”

Ie, are you saying, “First I need this, in order for me to get that.”

“If this was this way, then I could ___________.”  Are you blaming external environment anything and everything outside of yourself for your failures?

Take imperfect and consistent action.  Course correct as you go along. If you never start, you’ll never get anywhere, nor have anything to improve on.

What bullshit story, or stories are you telling yourself/ the world that are holding you back from achieving the success you desire?

Today, I will tell the story that I am blessed and highly favored.  I am strong, beautiful, and energy signature is needed by the perfect people who reciprocate with me.  I am grateful for all the little and big things in my life.  

What story will you rewrite for yourself today?

You always have the power to change your story.  

Are you going to be a victim of rape or powerlessness forever?  

Are you going to be a survivor?  

Are you going to be a warrior?  

Are you going to be a victor.  

The pen is in your hands.

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