Release to Create Ritual

You can do this, too.  Release your baggage to attract and create more success and happiness.  Write it on paper. Burn it. Bury it in the ground.

I release all the grudges, judgments, hurts, betrayals, that I have experienced this year and beyond to step into 2020 cleaner, lighter, with a fresher start.

Before you accuse us, reflect, see what you never did when you said you would with us. 

Mutual associations connected us together saying we should collaborate.

For all those people that claimed they wanted to work with me but were all talk, I release you. 

I release all the times I left you voicemails, digital messages, and you left us hanging.  I’m not talking about us approaching you without your invitation. I’m referring to those of you who gave us your word and said you would do what you offered.  No, the paper trail will never be erased, but we want to erase these hurts and betrayals with forgiveness. For those social media messages, voicemails, emails that I made and were left unanswered, raw with empty promises, goodbye.  We know it’s because you were too afraid to work with us because you want to control us and we are never going to be those people. That’s why you surround yourself with insecure people you can control, throwing flowers on yourselves and each other, not making any real impact, and those relationships were too weak to last anyway.   

For those people who asked us to cross promote each other but never held up their end of the bargain, goodbye.  

For those who took advantage of us or got mad at us who attempted to take advantage of us for free, or in a very imbalanced way, we release you.

For those people who were quick to unjustly turn us and our clients in to the police without evidence, falsely accusing us, good bye.  It serves you right that you later found out it was your own fault due to your lack of attentiveness while being intoxicated.  

For those they never repaid their debts to us,  whether it be monetary, legal documents, certifications, trades, and beyond, we release you knowing God/ Universe will handle you.  

For the blowhards who tried to tell us what to do yet wouldn’t apply it in their own lives, goodbye.  

For those who gossiped about us, slandered us, get a life!  For those who believed the gossip, make a life you’re proud to talk about.  Be courageous, get to know people before you judge them. Better yet, stop judging people.  To each their own! Stop trying to put us in a box. It will only drive you nuts, because we were never conforming nor born to complacently remain in a box.  Stretch your minds and hearts, enrich your spirituality, your education, your contributions to humanity. This is how you get out of talking schmack about others.  Live for something higher and outside of yourselves.

For those who consciously and unconsciously sent failure, disrespect, harm and malice our way, we let you deal with God, the higher powers.  

For those naysayers who said we will never have order, peace, success, and flow, we say, “Mind your own business.  Get out of the way of those who are making a way to help themselves and others.”

For those who dumped on me and did not reciprocate, that is for the toilet. We release you good bye.

For those we have offended intentionally and unintentionally, we apologize and ask for your forgiveness.  No, we do not always agree with each other, but we do agree that it’s more important to forgive and move forward than to be right and argue.

More importantly, I release and forgive the times I have doubted, harmed, and betrayed myself.

We let go of these psychic and emotional sandbags so that we may open up our abundant channels to peace of mind, wellness, and plenty.

To more inner peace on individual as well as the conscious collective,
Bear & Rainbow

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