Smudge stick: Wormwood & Catnip

On Facebook, a screenshot of a tweet with a burning bundled-stick of dried plant went viral. An African American looking young woman who appeared about 20 years old was smiling on Twitter with this picture of the burning plant and I found it circulating on Facebook. This young woman tweeted something to the effect of, “What y’all spiritual folk use them big ass blunts is for?” The person who took a screen shot was poking fun and typed, “Will someone please tell her?!”

Cleaning the house, brushing your teeth, taking out the trash is important for physical cleaning.

The picture of this particular smudge stick is from Dr. Jessyca Franco-Chavez’s wellness center, The Healing House of New Mexico. She has it grown and made there, and sold at her Tigerlily & Co. Apothecary in Espanola, New Mexico. Hers is made of catnip and wormwood. Wormwood is used for clearing parasites and catnip is relaxing. It is worth the trip to visit Dr. Chavez’s center.

The following excerpt below is from our psychic protection manual/ workbook. Bear And Rainbow, LLC have the copyright to it. If you wish to use this information below, credit Bear and Rainbow, shamans for psychic protection.

Considering the air and fire elements, let’s see how it plays parts in psychic protection. Using the element of fire, you can burn things to allow the smoke to clear and protect both people and living / work spaces. Smudging is when one burns something in particular for the smoke makes the energy cleaner. Allow the smoke to saturate your aura and the room to clear away the heavier energies.

A sage smudge stick looks like a compacted bundle of leaves between the size of a hot dog or a corn on the cob in length in width that is tied up with some type of string.

It is scientifically proven that burning sage aids in lung, brain, and skin function. It cleans the bacteria and pathogens in the air by purifying and disinfecting it. Burning this and other herbs neutralizes positive charges and releases negative ions.

Smudging is sacred, a form of prayer. We like to ask the spirit of the sage, or whatever plant it is we are burning to clear and protect us. Then we give thanks. It is respectfully done, with awareness that we are all connected and work with each other in a respectful way across spirit and physical realms. This also go for burning other plants, herbs, resins, or incense. It is like a dimension connecting to the spirit realms as our prayers rise up on smoke and actually uplift the people and the space. Another form of protection we burn is Dragon’s Blood in the form of incense, resin, or oil. San Paolo purifies evil and sweetens surroundings. Across cultures, certain leaves and tree bark are common essences that are burnt for clearing or smudging. Catholic churches burn frankincense and myrrh to purify and sanctify the place as well.

Anyone can do this. Go forth and clear your aura, car, home, work spaces with love and light!

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