Why Am I Angry & Depressed?

What is anger and depression anyway?

Anger is feeling angry for feeling a loss.  For example, “I am hurt because I lost your trust, or your approval, or your love and attention.”  We can be angry for losing our dignity or face when someone mistreats or slanders us. Anger can be anger towards oneself.  We can be angry for giving our sex away to the wrong person even though we knew it was not going to turn out to be a fairy tale ending.  

Depression is prolonged anger that has been pushed and buried down deep over longer periods of time.

This crazy 8 cycle of cycling between the depths of sluggish depression to the peaks of motivated anger is ironically like a roller-coaster that balances each other out.  You feel helpless with depression, then you feel like moving mountains with anger.

But do you want to continue to feel this way?

How does my anger affect me?

We are looking backwards to our past if we continue to regret the things we did or the things we allowed to happen to us.  We are ignoring the good that can, may, and is coming because we are so focused on feeling anger about our losses and regretting things.  This pushes away and blocks the fortunate circumstances and people in our lives, even our wellness.

10 minutes of anger poison produced is enough to kill the guinea pig.

The breath, the condensation of the breath of angry people was collected.  Being angry for 10 minutes produced condensate poison enough to kill a guinea pig.  When you are angry and attempting to get revenge on someone else, you are literally hurting and killing yourself when your body produces these chemicals of poison when you are feeling angry.  You are attacking your own immune system.

How do I get out of anger and depression?

We cannot control other people, but we can control our own emotional responses.  

Nothing has meaning until I give it meaning.  

When we see our spouse working overtime, we may think, he is avoiding me and doesn’t love me anymore.  He may think, I love you so much that I will work overtime to bring you peace of mind to help pay off our debts.  When someone hurts you, it may not even be that they truly want to hurt you as their conscious intention. She may act like a jerk because of her beliefs and it has nothing to do with you.  It may be subconscious and or their programming. People are like computers with software running in the background, a software of beliefs. Beliefs are beliefs and that does not make them true.  When you choose a different set of beliefs you can either harm yourself, or make yourself better. There are disempowering beliefs and empowering beliefs. There are many labels for this. Limiting beliefs, or supporting beliefs.  Supportive beliefs or non-supportive beliefs.

Here’s an example of a limiting belief and an empowering belief.  “I am so ugly with this big nose that no one will ever want to hire me.”  On the other hand, “I am so distinguished with my ample honker that I can sing my socks off, rock the house, and still be memorable with or without my nose!”  Remember Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion? They’re ample honkers enhanced their singing abilities and you don’t see them trading them in for smaller honkers.

Sometimes anger is not on the surface and we are not aware our insidiously underlying anger.  You may need to do some shadow work, working with your skeletons in your closet to bring them to the light.  You never know, the layers of healing your history of sexual abuse or any other trauma may still be unfolding different layers.  

Soul Retrieval

You may benefit from doing shamanic healing with us, such as soul retrievals to make yourself more complete/ whole to reclaim parts of your soul that was lost.  When interested, booking a Breakthrough Consultation with us is a preliminary requirement before we decide if a SHES/ Shamanic Healing Empowerment Session with us is in order.


This is not an outward action you do to the person you are forgiving.  He or she does not need to know or see it for its effects to be felt, seen, or heard.  Only one side, or one person of the relationship is all it takes to get the positive effects of forgiveness going.  Forgiveness is a shift towards peace, detachment, and acceptance in your own heart toward the situation, yourself, and or the other parties involved.  It is an inner feeling or emotion that is lighter than anger and liberating. You can consciously forgive while doing Reiki and meditation.

Reiki Treatments

This is natural energy healing.  Reiki heals all levels at the same time, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical.  A little TLC, tender loving care, is another way we can replace negative thoughts and self-sabotage with giving ourselves love and pampering.

Reiki can help us feel more peace, vitality, wellness, lightness, inspiration, energized, rejuvenated, relaxed, clearer, less stressed, less pain and tension, and like we are refilling our cup.  Of course, it is like brushing teeth and is most beneficial when maintained regularly and supported with a more positive lifestyle shift. Reiki can help heal anger and depression. It may be gentle and soothing, or even temporarily uncomfortable when energy is moved to clear out trapped emotions that are ready to be released.

We offer Reiki healing sessions both private one on one, or in a group demonstration setting.  If you wish to be initiated and endowed to become a Reiki practitioner, you can do Reiki self treatments on yourself just as a level 1 practitioner.  When you’re interested in receiving Reiki healing from us, call for availability. We work by appointment only.

We offer certifications and initiations/ attunements/ placements for you to be activated with this channel and frequency.  

Lovingly place your hands on yourself and think and feel positive emotions, such as love, peace, joy, relaxation, happiness, wellness, faith.  You don’t have to think. It’s best to have an empty mind when giving Reiki.

allows for honest self-reflection.  Quiet your mental chatter.

Don’t be embarrassed to want or desire certain things.  You block yourself off from the divine source that you are if you’re not honest with yourself.  Society teaches us it is shameful and guilt-ridden to desire good for ourselves. If you want to be loved, that is valid.  If you want to be heard that is valid, too. If you want to be sexy, confident, successful, to be healthy, these are all positive things we can, will, and do desire as humans.  Listen to that inner voice within, don’t dismiss it because you’d be ignoring and invalidating yourself. If you do that, that is how you are training everyone else to treat you.  What is your inner voice telling you that you need? What do you need? Forgiveness towards something or yourself? Someone who can help you, like a therapist? Do you need to replace negative self talk with more empowering beliefs or positive loving thoughts?  

We offer trainings on this type of personal development with shamanic edge.  Come get to know us at our Wednesday Healing Meetups at 6pm.

We do offer group meditation as well.  Check out our calendar of events on BearAndRainbow.com to see what trainings or events you plan on attending.  If interested in Shamanic Healing Empowerment Session with us that requires booking a Breakthrough Consultation with us first.  If interested in a clearing or Reiki healing, reserve your spot in advance without consultation—by appointment only.


To your wellness & happiness!

“Healing–It Is All That Is”

Bear & Rainbow

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