How Do You Know When You’re Getting Psychically Attacked?

How do you know?

How do we know when our perceptions are not playing tricks on us?

Sometimes it’s an angel posing as the devil.  Sometimes it’s a malevolent entity posing as an angel.  

Duality has these labels, traditions, expectations of being in a box that can trick or even harm us.

People may look at catastrophes as evil.  Others may look at it as the beautiful circle of Mother Nature’s balance.  

People may see polygamy as the norm, whereas others may see it as blasphemous.

We’ve seen people swear they are getting psychically attacked by other humans but then it’s merely mischievious entities playing with their minds.  Why?  Here’s an example of divide and conquer.  Black lives matter.  Native American lives matter.  This propaganda is orchestrated so the puppet masters can control the masses better when they are divided, hence, weaker.  These statements don’t really matter, but the orchestrators are using it to their advantage so all the races can tear each other down to never rise enough.

There can be many scenarios.

Humans can be using spirits to attach other humans.

Spirits can be using humans to attack other humans.

Spirits and humans can collaborate to create more harm, balance, healing, or more combination of options.

What could it feel or look like when one gets attacked?

–Jealousy, plain and simple.  But is that attack?  There are many varying degrees.

–Chortling negative energy at someone with the intent to harm.






You see, there are many levels of attack, not just attacking with energy to hurt someone like zapping them, or pinning them with voo doo doll needles.

You could be emotionally affected, backstabbed.

You could feel needles hurting you as if you were in person with the attacker.

You could feel drained or tired from them.

You could feel smothered or bullied by them.

You could merely be feeling your own wounds, insecurities, and fears without anyone doing anything to you!  This is mostly the case, but most are unaware, they just like to blame the people mirroring their triggers and traumas.

The most important thing is to always mind your own business and evolve yourself.  When you’re too busy improving, not meddling, you’re less likely to invite attacks to you.  That is unless you create change which usually comes with resistance.

The more you heal, empower, and love yourself, the less attacks will have a wear and tear on you.  The more you resolve your own issues, the more balanced your interactions will be with people and the environment you interact with.

If you feel someone stalking you in the waking and or sleeping hours, have visions, feelings, knowings, premonitions, ask yourself, “Is this my fear I created?  Or, is this something outside of me?”  You may be able to smell when something is off.  Use your clairaudience, clairsentience, basically all of your 6 senses on the extra sensory levels.  You can get confirmation from other sources you trust.

Again, they have no power over you as long as you keep healing, empowering and evolving out of love.

I, Rainbow, offer Empowerment Readings, Reiki healing sessions, certifications to become a Reiki practitioner, strategy sessions, and trainings including but not limited to psychic protection and personal development.

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