Who should heal and not heal in Reiki circles?

“Who Should Heal and not Heal in Reiki Circle?”

by Bear and Rainbow.

We hold Reiki circles.  We’ve participated in many other people’s healing circles, that were too strict, and that were too open.

We’ve experimented with people who don’t have Reiki/ pranic healing/ qigong healing/ other energy healing  modalities training as practitioners to participate in healing other participants by us teachers, and other experienced practitioners guiding them. 

Currently, we have made a decision to allow experienced practitioners/ healers to give healing, and let the non-experienced sit out from performing healings.

There are certain concepts and skills to understand and master when you are giving and receiving healings so you are at peace with it, not in fear of what you don’t understand.  Fear is the antithesis of healing.

How do you know you’re experiencing healing crisis, ie, detoxing, not something “wrong” or harmful done to you?  You will get used to it the more you familiarize yourself with these experiences. 

Sometimes we intuitively know we don’t want other people to clear/ heal or touch us.  It may be because that person has angry vibes, or has slime, or has a metal taste in their mouth.  What does that mean?

You can watch Bear’s video here:

How to Clear The Metal Taste in Your 


In our Reiki circles, we all clear ourselves between healing clients, and we do the most intense clearing at the end,
“Taos Meditation” maybe is the title in youtube, or
Releasing Energetic Sludge.”  

Other circles do not do this. Ask your intuition if it is indeed the physical body catching up with the energy you moved.  

We recommend you listen to Rainbow’s video part 1 and or 2 on this topic.

Here’s a video of healing crisis and or detoxing process.  
Youtube video title: 
“Healing Crisis with Rainbow.” 
youtube username:  bearandrainbow.  

Part 1:

Part 2: 

Experiencing, the ache, fatigue, pains, headache, they are natural and expected.  Expect the unusual when releasing.  The symptoms are always different from individuals and each and every time individuals go through a shift of releasing whether they experience an on purpose healing session or a spontaneous healing shift their body chooses on its own or not.  It can take anywhere from an hour to a month or so, as every situation is different.

It’s like when you exercise, but you haven’t been used to exercising or conditioned to it
so that you’re not all sore the next day.  

Do Reiki on yourself to help with the healing crisis.  Give yourself more physical and emotional love, support, time, and understanding during detoxing/ healing crisis.

I, Rainbow, listened to a subliminal audio but it was such a quantum leap from where I was currently at to where the audio was leading me that I felt nauseous and off the next day.  I was not contagious, it’s just my body had a big gap in that level to jump to immediately instead of easing in.  It’s not bad, I just had to gage where I was at and what I could handle at that time.  So, I backed off and used the weaker or lower level audio and I was strong again.

To over do it, the releasing part, the cleansing part, we can feel sick because the toxins are being released in our blood and if it’s too much too fast, we can feel worse.  So, we take it slower, pacing. It’s up to you if you want an intensely abrupt impact, or a gentle incremental nudge for that moment.

When one gets a purposeful session, like acupuncture, or soul retrieval, your body has its own intelligence to feel what it needs afterwards.  So, some feel energized, or tremendous fatigue. 

Nothing is labeled bad, good, or better.  It’s what impact are you looking for, and
it’s natural like snake shedding skin.

For other people’s perspectives on Reiki circles, you can read, 

“Tips for the Reiki Practitioner” by

Claire Johnston, in Reiki News Magazine.

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